Backup restore and Roon release compatibility

It would be extremely helpfull if Roon would explicitely specify if and what backups are still valid with a new Roon release.

As with the latest new build 1211 , Roon’s database structure changed, as shown during the update process.

Will a restore of a backup of the previous release (or the ones before that) still be possible/succesfull.

Clear ‘sticky’ guidelines would help avoiding most of the numerous restore issues.

Backups from a previous release can be restored to the latest release, but not necessarily vice versa.

I doubt that this ability will span a large number of releases, but you take regular backups, don’t you?

I do take regular backups but I keep a sparse long tail, just in case. Backward compatibility information would be useful to let me know at which point I’m wasting my time.

Hey @Dirk_De_Taey,

1.8 backups will restore to a 2.x core. While we haven’t tested 1.8 backups with each new 2.0 build, that’s how they are designed to work. If for any reason they do not, one can restore a 1.8 backup to a 1.8 core (since the installers are available) and then migrate that core to 2.x We haven’t received issue reports to indicate that 1.8 backups aren’t behaving as expected.

As we’ve shared previously, Roon 2.0 backups will not retrofit to the 1.8 legacy build due to database structure changes that were made in 2.0.

I hope this helps clarify things a bit.

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