Backup restore issue

Hello, @support

I have had a drivefaillure om my win 7 pro server. The system disk is unusable. I have installed a new drive and installed Roon. When I select the latest backup to restore Roon, it restores all the playlist and settings. After the restore the library is still empty. When I point Roon to the music folder it adds all my music.

When I go to the playlists and select one of them it says, tracks are unavalible.

Is there a workaround for this?

Best regards Ronald

Hey @Ronald_Kruit,

Can you share a screenshot of the Settings > Storage screen?

When you added the library back into Roon did you edit the previous shared folder or did you just add a new one? Was the previous shared folder still there in Roon when you did this?

To give a little background, if you were to add another folder when there was a previous one existing, Roon will treat this a second import, and all of the files you import will be treated as new files by Roon. This means that the files used for your playlists are not the same files as what you newly imported.

The best solution is to restore from the backup once more, and instead of adding a new watched folder, edit the existing folder(s) so that it points to the correct place. Roon will then update the path for these files and not re-import them as new files.

I hope this helps!


Hello Dylan,

Thank you for your answer. When I read it, I got an idea of the cause. The driveletter of the disk is changed where the music is stored.

I changed the driveletter and it all works fine now.

Thank you for your quick answer and inspiration towards the solution :slight_smile:

Best regards Ronald

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