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Description of Issue

I would like to restore my Core to a backup created under build 913. My core is now 931 and ROON doesn’t ‘see’ the former backups when I try.

Is this a build issue or something else?

Anything I can do?


Anyone have anything to add?

Hmm, I can at least ‘see’ backups going as far back as September. Build 913 was in March.

Don’t know if they can be used. I expect they could.

Have you changed backup locations between Builds?

When you state that Roon doesn’t see the backups created built using 913, from within the Core, are you able to select “Find Backups” but Roon isn’t showing or allowing you to select any previous backups, or that when selected, Roon isn’t actually reinstalling the backup?

Yes, ROON acts normal allowing me to point it to a folder containing my backups but it then says no backups found.

Beginning to think the backups are corrupted…

Thanks all for your replies

From a current post with a similar problem -

Are you looking at the backups folder in the file listing when you ‘Select this folder’, or have you opened the backups folder? It should be the latter, and you should see something like the following:

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