Backup Struggles

Roon Core Machine

NUC 7i, I don’t recall the RAM, other than I maxed it out.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ubiquity Amplifi

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Vault2, Node 2i connected via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I’m trying to configure a scheduled backup routine, but I’m struggling with “Add network share” option. I’m trying to backup to a G-Technology thunderbolt 4TB. I keep getting a “Could not connect to share”, “Unauthorized” message.

The attached G-Drive is configured for sharing and is referenced in the iMac is being shared as well.

Network share location: \\Kevins-iMac.local\G-DRIVE.

I’ve included my login Username and password as well.

Any idea why the Roon interface doesn’t include a “browse” button, as opposed the “Add network share”?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Try posting a screenshot of the roon page.

Kevins-iMac.local is your iMac – as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) should already be connected to your network with its shares available to connect to, why do you even try to access it over the indirection via your iMac? Try to access it directly instead. Check also the following (on your NAS when connecting directly):


Thank you, BlackJack for the quick reply.

My mistake. It is not a NAS. It is a thunderbolt drive connected to my iMac. I will correct my OP.

Says it all, doesn’t it? Not enough rights on the iMac to access the share. Please read: FAQ: What’s the best way to configure my NAS for Roon? It is relevant for MacOS sharing too.

Hey @Kev,

Ben here with the support team, I wanted to check in and see if you were still running into issues? Since a few days have passed, let me know if you need additional help on getting your g-drive configured :+1:

Hi Ben. Yes, I could use some help. Thank you.

Hey @Kev,

Thanks for the follow-up! The first step is ensuring we have the proper shared settings enabled on your iMac. To do this, head to your system preferences > Sharing and toggle on file sharing if you haven’t yet. The screen will look like this:

From there, click the ‘+’ under shared folders, and select the the G-Technology thunderbolt 4TB.

You now need to make sure SMB file sharing and also Window File Sharing is selected in Options. Click the Options button on the Sharing screen:

You may be asked your account password from after you click On next to your name. Remember this Name and Password. Click Done.

On the Sharing screen, make a note of the path for your computer. In this case, it’s Gregs-iMac.local and the shared folder is called Music. You may also be able to use the computers IP address instead of Gregs-iMac.local.

Now you can go to Roon and Settings > Storage. After clicking Add Folder, enter the correct information for the shared folder you just created.

@Kev let me know how things go when running through the above. I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

Thank you for this detail, Benjamin. I will spend some time stepping through this and let you know where it goes.

Much appreciated,



Your instructions did the trick. I am a basic user, knowing barely enough to be dangerous. I did navigate through the Sharing on my iMac, however I wasn’t doing it right.

Thanks kindly!


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@Kev I’m glad to hear it! I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as solved, but if you run into any additional issues or questions, feel free to open a new thread and tag myself or support!

Happy listening! :notes:

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