Backup Tidal Metadata Edits

When I add a Tidal classical album to my library, I often have to identify the album because it would not link to Roon database of compositions.

It is important to backup these edits. I had to restore from a backup recently and discovered that all these edits were lost. Now I face tedious task of re-identifying about 200 albums :frowning:

Please let me know if this is doable.



Thanks for the “warning”. Data loss is really bad for a backup feature. I’m a ROCK user, can I work around this by mirroring the whole device by myself via SMB?

Something must have gone wrong here. I have never experienced your problem, and, just to make sure, I took a Tidal album A, re-identified it as album B and saved a backup. I then re-identified it as album C. I then restored the backup and found the album correctly showing as album B.

Is this effectively what you had done and Roon failed?

In general, I have never lost tidal edits, in any version of Roon.

worked differently for me …

That’s strange. What happens in your case (using my A B C scenario)?