Backup: Time Stamp Question

Hi All,
I’m running the latest release and I’m not sure what I’m seeing.

I set the backup to happen at 9pm every 2 days but I saw this the other day.

Yes I was listening to music at 13:36:53, but that was not when I scheduled the back-up. Does any one know if this behavior is a bug? I thought the latest version was supposed to fix back-up to be timed to LOCAL time.


If that’s a recent screenshot, i.e., from today, then it looks like you have had no backups run since end of November, nothing in December. I think this is of more concern than an incorrect time stamp. BTW, my backups now have the correct time since 1.7 update.

Hi Robert,
I understand your concern, that screen shot is from the day it happened back in November. Just getting around to posting this now.