Backup to a USB on Windows 10 PC

Core Machine

Nucleus 1.8, Ethernet, TP-Link Routers, NAS = Lenova IX2 with 2x2TB , Audio Device - Cambridge Audio CXN, Remote = Win10 Desktop and Android.

I would like to auto backup Roon to a USB drive attached to my Win 10 Desktop to keep the backup separate from the NAS and because NAS is reaching full. It may simply be that I am describing the drive incorrectly. (Newbie here).
I have tried both smb and host forms with variations for describing the USB drive. There are no security constrains on the USB drive. Everything else in the system works fine except the backup.
e.g. smb://Desktopxxx/(f:) \Desktopxxx\f: etc.

Did you perform network share for your USB drive? Are you able to access your USB network share using another computer (via network)?

As Daniel says, you first need to set up a Shared Folder on the USB drive in Windows before you can access it from the Nucleus.

See this article for what you need to do in Windows (it’s for setting up a folder to be used as a Watched Folder in Roon, rather than for a Backup Folder - but the principle is the same):

Hey @Craig_Berdie,

Thank you for reaching out when running into issues with backing up Roon. I am sorry about that, but more so about taking this long to get back to you. Please, accept my sincere apologies for the delay :pleading_face:

It looks like both @DanielAvasilichioaei and @Geoff_Coupe have shared a lot that can help - thank you both!

Could you please let us know if you still need help? It’d be our pleasure to have another opportunity to lend a hand :nerd_face:

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