Backup to "B" drive (Windows 10)?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 10 with external 4tb USB 3.0 drive. The USB drive has 2 partitions. “B:” is for backup, and “M:” is for movies.

Description Of Issue

Unable to select the “B” drive as a backup location. However, the “M” drive, and “C” drives are available to use.

The designation B: always used to be reserved for floppy drives; not sure if this is still a legacy thing in Windows but normally C: is for the system drive and all additional drives are from D: onward.

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That’s right - I just decided to use “B” for Backup.

A & B are valid, but some legacy systems don’t play nicely. It’s not a biggie - I could use a UNC name or just assign a different letter.

I read that A: and B: drives aren’t indexed. This could be another reason.

Yep - changed it to “U” as in backUp, and it works perfectly.

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