Backup to computer quit working

Had Roon database backups working great to 2 different computers, a Win 7 Pro and a Win 10 Pro, both of which serve as controls for my Nucleus core. Updated Roon to the latest release on the Nucleus and both computers and the backups no longer work! The ONLY thing that’s changed is the Roon version, everything else, including the network share settings, remains the same as previously. As I recall, I went through the same nightmare with the previous update - what the heck do you guys do that messes with my backup protocol? It’s getting more than frustrating.


I find that doing automatic nightly backups of my Nucleus to an attached USB HDD works best. I keep the last 30 and have never had an issue in 18 months since I bought the Nucleus.

Thanks for your quick input Jim. I also back up to a USB thumb drive attached to the Nucleus regularly but like to have BUs in multiple places. Since I’ve already had a thumb drive fail, which they seem prone to doing, I’ll probably replace it with a USB SSD drive and do something like your routine. It just pisses me off that Roon updates knock my backup protocol out and I’d like to hear Roon’s explanation therefore.

You don’t need an SSD for middle of the night backup. An HDD is fine. I have been through multiple Roon updates in 18 months with zero problems.

Apologies for the delay, @Bruce_Grunsten! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Backup? If you do a manual backup now does it work?

Gave up on the backups to networked computers Dylan and got a SSD USB drive to connect directly to my Nucleus, in addition to the USB thumb drive I’ve been using for direct connected backups. I have the SSD scheduled for nightly backups and occasionally run a backup to the thumb drive, and that’s all been working fine, so I have multiple backup locations and the networked computer backups are no longer needed. I’ve since removed them from folder and file sharing which proved to be a pain in the ass with Room on the Nucleus…


Hey @Bruce_Grunsten,

Thanks for this update. We’re sorry you ended up settling for less.

I was wondering if there are any updates you’d like to share, or, if there’s anything we can help with :nerd_face:

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