Backup to my Mac

I have now used roon for about a month and is very satisfied. I have just made a backup to Dropbox and it says it was a succesful backup. How can I see that? I would also like to make a backup to my computer and my external hard drive. When I try to backup I type the following in network share location: smb://Klauss-MacBook-Pro-2.local/Mybackups and get this message " Could not connect to share: Host not found.

My system:

Naim Nova
Zen Mk.II Music Server
MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017 - Version 10.13.1

Have you tried using the IP directly? smb://ip-address/name-of-smb-share

Sorry but
don’t know what to type in name of smb and share.

Well using your original post:

Replace IP-Address with the actual IP Address.

I got this message there was an unexpected error .

Try removing the .local – see if that makes any difference.

It don’t make difference.

It says “Host not found”

I still have problems so would be happy if anyone could help

Hey @Klaus_Hansen – sorry for the slow response. It’s been Thanksgiving this week in the States, so things are a bit slower than normal.

So, just to make sure we’re understanding this correctly:

So you are trying to backup from the server to a shared folder on the MacBook right? Are there any other laptops or devices in your house accessing the shared folder on the MacBook?

It would be useful to know if other devices on your network are able to access the shared folders on your Mac. If you have another Mac or laptop of any sort, I would confirm that that device can connect to the shared folder on the MacBook.

Also, remember these folders need to be shared using SMB. You can find some information about how to do that here.

My goal with the above is to confirm that sharing on the Mac is setup properly, then we can take a closer look at what’s happening with the server and Roon. Let us know how that goes and we’ll take it from there. Thanks!

Hi Mike

Yes I try to backup from the server to a shared folder on my MacBook. The only devices in the shared folder is my Zen Music server. My Zen Music Server can see my shared folders on the server.

But the only thing that appears in shared folders is my Zen Music Server. And I don’t have another Mac or Laptop

I hope this help.

Solved with the help of the always helpful Nuno from Innuos.

I used password and username and it helped.