Backup to two locations with different results

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Sonic Transporter i5 1.7 (build 521)

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On 03/05/2020 a database backup was sent to two different sources: A WD NAS and an external drive connected to the computer. When I checked the date on the backed up folder it showed 03/05/2020 on the WD NAS, but on the external drive is showed 03/03/2020 which is the date of the original backup to that drive.

Why is the folder on the external drive not being over written by the new backup??

Thanks, RichBacked Up To External Drive F ( 03-05-2020 ) Backed Up To WD NAS ( 03-05-2020 ) Backup Size F Backup Size WD NAS

Hi @Richard_Parks,

If you point Roon’s backup manager to the backup located on the My Passport (F:) location, what information does Roon provide regarding the backup?

You can specify a specific folder for the backup manager to look in by going to Roon Settings -> Backups -> Find Backups -> Browse...

Is it possible that the backup to the My Passport (F:) never actually completed?

Looked in F: and there are 3 backups including the one on 03/05/2020. Trying to look at the backup(s) in the WD NAS, but it’s taking forever. Gave up on looking at the backups on the NAS.

Thanks. Rich

Hi @Richard_Parks,

It looks like the backup listing is as expected in this case.

If the backup completed successfully and you didn’t get any errors in your Backups -> Scheduled Backups tab then it might just be the NAS mis-reporting the last date changed of the backup.

The true test would be to try restoring the backup and see if everything appears to be intact, but that is optional and would be your decision if you want to try that out.

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