Backup via ftp to a specific website

limitations on the size of zipfile downloads from dropbox makes it a less-than-optimum storage location. what would be ideal would be the ability to ftp the backup to a specified url.


@Stevan_Apter whilst SFTP (not ftp as unencrypted) to a specified url is completely feasible the answer is way to simple to accurately apply to your use case without further details.

Why don’t you use the split archive option to create multiple files?

thanks andy - i don’t understand your response. you say that sftp to a specified url is completely feasible, and that’s good news. but how? i don’t see an option for doing anything like that in the schedule-a-backup section of roon.

i really don’t want to use dropbox. saving the backup files to my website gives me maximum freedom. but how to do that?

@Stevan_Apter , maybe start with describing your current setup, hardware, os, where your music files are and what you are trying to accomplish etc.

The backup section in Roon is for the database, not your music files.

There are many tools available for the synchronization of a local directory to some remote server or cloud service. In general terms, what you’d do is backup to some directory on a machine local to your network, and use the appropriate tool to sync this directory to a remote server. As to which tools, all depends upon the OS you are running and your ability to setup the tools.

I’d backup to a directory on a local Linux box and use rsync as tool to keep the local backup directory in sync with some remote server. The process can be automated with crontab…

Unless I’m missing something, this isn’t something you can do directly from within Roon. You can back up to a network share, but not a remote server. If you’re just wanting to create an off-site backup you could create a local backup, zip it, then upload it to your server.

I use Sync on a Qnap nas, which pulls the files off my ROCK on a schedule and turns them into a backup file, which the same NAS then sends to the cloud.

You can’t do what you want from roon. You’d need an intermediary device / product to do so.