Backup while playing music

I mostly listen to music from my PC running Roon while I’m working and my backup schedule is set during the middle of the day. Most of the time when I’m listening the backup will fail because music is playing.

Can the backup be modified to run while music is playing without requiring it to be stopped? I’m assuming music needs to be stopped because the database files need to be free from locks to do the backup. Can a caching layer be added that will be toggled on during backups to cache all of the writes and then be flushed to the database after backup is complete?


I’ve programmed Roon to backup while I’m sleeping (that is, if I’m not stuck in an extremely long-lasting listening session😉). Go to Settings > Backups > View > Add > change the backup settings to whatever suits you most. I have hardly had a hard time since😊

I don’t typically leave my PC on overnight just to support backups. I use CrashPlan for offsite backups and it can backup Roon’s live database while I’m playing music. Ideally, Roon’s backups would have that same level of functionality and transparently backup without interfering with ongoing operations.

Right now I just do manual backups whenever I add music to the library or if I see an automatic backup fail.