Backup with no duplicates

I have 4 music HDDs. Many albums are duplicated on more than one of the HDDs. Roon is great in that duplicates are not displayed in albums or artists pages. I would like to backup all 4 HDDs to a single HDD without duplicates. Can Roon select only one copy of each album to backup?


Hi Andrew,

Not sure if you are referring to backup of the Roon database or backup of music files.

When the Roon database is backed up, then it will include the data associated with the various watched or organised folders (don’t use organised folders for storage). At the moment database backup occurs outside Roon and consists of closing Roon (important to do this) and copying the database to a backup. There is no capacity for the user to specify anything, the database is simply copied.

Backup of music files similarly occurs independently of Roon. The user copies or archives off the music files to a separate storage. It may be possible to set specialised backup software to ignore duplicates, but music file backup is not something handled within Roon.

Thanks Andrew

Yes I was talking about music files not database.

I was hoping for a simple answer to my problem. No worries.



I haven’t tested it properly, but, I think if you choose an album for Export, that only the primary copy of that album is exported. There is an option to “Clean up Duplicates” as well, but I am not sure what that will do exactly and I’d be careful as it might delete things. Maybe @mike can add more details.

I have done something similar with a few of my older folders.

It requires a bit of patience but can be done …carefully.

Tag either all the albums you want to keep or not keep (whichever is easier).

The select all using tag focus and export to a new location./Hdd.

I didn’t use the auto function to de-duplicate files on export as I had different versions and wanted to be careful which was kept.

You can then interrogate what is let on your original HDD and decide what to do with those.