Backups and Qobuz

Core Machine

Windows10 , AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 32 GB DDR4-RAM, 3600 MHz, all SSD drives, Roon core only

Network Details

Ethernet /Fibre

Audio Devices


Description of Issue

I take a regular back of my Roon database each week and I also probably add 3 -10 Qobuz titles to my library each week. For each back up, the Roon_backup_root file shows the correct backup date. The backup folder itself (32 character string), shows an earlier last modified date. I cant see any entries for Qobuz that relate to the past week - should these appear somewhere? or are Qobuz links held in a different way in the backup?

Hi @David_Orchard_Orchar , I’d say the best way is to install a test Roon on another machine and try a recent backup and see. The Roon backup structure is pretty opaque and I’m not convinced that trying to parse it to check for completeness will bring real peace of mind. It’s always worth running a restore test now and again anyway rather than finding it doesn’t work when you need it.

Good luck.


thanks for the response :slight_smile:
I am hopeful, that the Roon Support team might share their thoughts on how back up works with Qobuz and Tidal without them having to give away their technical secrets!

Hi @David_Orchard_Orchar

When you add TIDAL/Qobuz content, it creates an entry in the database just the same as if it were local content.

If you were to move to another machine, restoring the backup would automatically sign you back in to Qobuz (since you were when the backup was made) and the database entries will still be there.

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