Backups - file delete notifications?

My backup goes to Dropbox. This morning I am seeing a ton of delete messages from Dropbox (desktop alerts) which is disconcerting. When I looked, it was a Roon backup being deleted. Unfortunately, Dropbox fires an alert every second with 5 files deleted, 3 files deleted, 6 files deleted.

I have never noticed this before. Many possible explanations, but wondering if Backup process or retention has changed in some way?

edit: i think the core of the backup is a common “objects” folder and maybe with this release, every object n the library got re-written and the old versions got deleted?


I saw this behaviour too. It looks like the folder structure has changed.

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There were a bunch of small bug fixes for backup for 1.5.

One of the fixes involved cleanup of outdated backup files, and there were some folder structure changes as well, so that’s what you’re seeing here.


Makes sense, thanks for confirming.

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