Backups requires music stoppage

Just an FYI, I did not realize that. Probably should pop a message to that effect when configuring a backup.

I used to stop the music when I went to bed. Lately I have just been turning off the DAC, amp, and preamp instead, leaving the music running. Then I noticed the warning that backups had failed for several weeks.

I should think that Roon could pop a message 10 minutes before a backup and ask whether to stop the music and run the backup or reschedule the backup. DVRs do that when watching and recording exceed the number of tuners.

If someone spent a weekend adding and editing Tags (me) the loss in case of a library data error would be enormous.

Well my backup runs at 2am ish by default so there is no one around to see any message. It will auto reschedule to the next 2am anyway so perhaps the best approach is to do it Apple style: A warning triggered if no backup has taken place in the last week or so? This warning would be persistent until the user acknowledges it with an ‘OK’ and is then taken to the Backup Settings screen.

Mine is similar. Point is exactly that - the music is playing but there is one to see the message and no one to care if the music stops. So Roon should pop the message, wait 10 minutes, if no “cancel/\reschedule backup” button is clicked, stop the music and do the backup. The way DVRs work when they ask to change the channel to record something. If there is no user objection to the message, they just do it.

But what if you have one heck of a party going and the music stops. Elebriation might make getting it started again difficult.



Well, yes. then fine, Roon can play an audio message as well as pop a dialog box…“warning, music is about to stop to run a backup…please see the dialog box…”

I was joking around of course.

I setup LMS for a few friends years back and would get support calls at 2 am when the party was rocking and the music had stopped.

I thought you might have been joking but it did give rise to an interesting idea of Roon having its own voice.

Maybe Majel Barrett, the voice of the Star Trek ship computer (and Nurse Chappelle, and first officer in the pilot).

"Warning, loss of structural integrity…er…party music, in 11 minutes…"