Backups to Google Drive or other Cloud storage

I have a Roon ROCK running on the recommended i7 hardware including memory and storage. My backups currently live on an external USB drive attached to the ROCK. It’s the same drive where I keep my local music. I’d like to copy my backups to something like Google Drive but I haven’t found a way to do that. I’ve combed through the forum and have read a few threads where this issue was never fully addressed. I’m hoping to do this directly from the ROCK without an intermediary like a NAS.


At the time being, DropBox is the one and only built-in option.

roon has integration with dropbox for cloud backup – the dropbox free account should have ample space for smallish size roon DB backups. additional space can always be purchased if needed. i have only recently enabled this - so cannot comment much further on this functionality.

hope this helps

Darn it! It was staring me in the face! I was so focused on Drive, I looked right past dropbox.

Thanks for opening my eyes!

Having the option for other services would be very useful as the free account gives you very little space and my library is way bigger than it. I don’ t use or will use Dropbox as I use other services that offer a better deal. I guess their API costs less to implement so that’s why we have only that one. At least my QNAP supports the ones I use but would like Roon to offer up more here.

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You can very easily use Drive or One Drive if you have them integrated into you OS. I would assume any conceivable online service would be usable that way.

@Ricky_Cash - One of the downsides of using Roon’s ROCK is that there’s no simple way to integrate services into the OS. On the plus side, it’s ridiculously stable.

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You can’t point it to a folder on the computer?

Use a memory stick attached to the Nucleus and also use Dropbox.

For some reason though I had to delete all the files in Dropbox yesterday as I was getting connection problems and start all over. Also takes a ridiculously long time to upload and my library is small. Just as well it is set to backup at 3am when I am in the land of nod.

May not use Dropbox in future but backup to another memory stick manually once a week.

I backup to my NAS, the local SSD attached to my NUC and drop box. My dropbox account is free and always complaining about being nearly full, I think I have a 10Gb account but I only keep x2 Roon backups on it. My NAS is mirrored to my PC and my PC is set to backup to onedrive and this includes my Roon backups from the NAS, I have x10 backups so I should be covered (fingers crossed). I have had one NUC die on me so I did need to go to my backup.

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I’m sorry, but it is simply inexcusable that Dropbox is the only option for backing up my Roon DB. I do not have a Dropbox account and do not want to monitor yet another backup service. I use Google Drive for all of my “casual” backups. Why in God’s name am I not able to back up my Roon DB to Google Drive?


Can’t you configure Roon to backup to a folder that is synchronised with Google Drive? Seems like that should work fine.

Sorry to revive an old thread. I have mounted my google drive to J:\ Drive with a folder inside J Drive called Music on my PC. The software I used to mount Google Drive to J Drive was called StableBitCloudDrive. I am using roon rock on a NUC I purchased about 6 months ago.

I have tried multiple ways to add a network share to access my Google Drive Music directory with no success. I have tried J:\Music, \Desktop-adfksl2\j, \Desktop-adfksl2\j\Music

I either get There was an Unexpected error: Unexpected Error or There was an Unexpected error:Invalid Network Path

Not sure how how to proceed. Any ideas?

Hi Vincent, I was searching the same information and I think there is confusion here that needs to be cleared up. Roon BACKUP can not backup to Google Drive. Your MUSIC can. The Roon Backup is very small and creating a free Dropbox account shouldn’t be an issue. Music files can be HUGE for some people. Google Drive has a simple syncing system and you can install google drive on your PC, right click on the folder and choose sync. I did it on my pc and it’s working out great!

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I think most Roon users know the difference between a Roon backup and their music backup. Also, IMHO, it’s much better to back up to an attached HDD.

Thanks for the edit suggestion! I was writing on my phone when I made the profile and already fixed another typo! I honestly didn’t know until I tried to backup my files and realized it didn’t back up my music and responded to another post where I belive that user was confused as well.

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Hi All, I am in the same position. It looks like Dropbox is the only way and as others mentioned. The minimum number of backups is 2 and that just doesn’t fit on a free version of Dropbox. I already have OneDrive so I don’t see any reason to buy yet more space on Dropbox. I think there should be really more options to do backups. Is this on the roadmap?


You can use OneDrive indirectly. Set up a Backup folder within the OneDrive folder hierarchy on your PC, and the contents of the Backup folder will be automatically synced to the OneDrive cloud.