Bad Christmas Song Meta-Data

I have been adding a few Christmas albums and I am finding issues. Maybe others are finding the same.

Katherine K. Davis is famous as the pre-War composer of “The Little Drummer Boy”. She is being mixed up with a more contemporary Blues/Jazz singer Katherine Davis.

So for example, Katherine K. Davis on this Temptations Christmas album is linked to Katherine Davis instead.


Hi @Tony_Casey,

Thanks for the report here. We are looking into this and will update you once we have more information.

Hi @Tony_Casey,

We took a look here, and everything seems to be okay on our end. Can you share screenshots of your file tags here so we can take a look?

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for keeping an eye on this but I can no longer reproduce it. I have just checked and now Katherine K. Davis is linked to Katherine K. Davis as expected and not Katherine Davis as before. Do meta-data corrections eventually filter through like that? Is that possible?

Having said that I am seeing a lot of popular composer duplicates that should be equivalents. I am noticing this with Xmas records as I am tidying them up but it’s everywhere in my pop/rock library. Much more common than with classical. So, in the same album:

In this case Joseph Mohr is coming from metadata but it is a dead link in roon. Josef Mohr is a live link with all the composer metadata. I cannot see where it is coming from, though, as it is not linked to the composition (only Franz Grüber).

Absolutely! This is one of the fundamental aspects of Roon metadata.