Bad info in Knowledge Base

Controlling Nucleus

The Nucleus has no display or interactive components. To experience Roon, you’ll download the Roon app on a Mac or Windows PC, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Note: Only Mac, Windows, and tablets provide access to all of Roon’s features. Due to their smaller screens, the Roon app on phones has a limited feature set.

This isn’t true, as the tablet versions are crippled. I’d like very much to see the export functions on my iPad, as well as upgrade settings and anything else which has been removed.

Does the “tablet” part depend on the screen size maybe?

Nope, i’d like to believe my iPad Pro 12.9" should have the required resolution and screen real estate to display all features. :slight_smile:

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Hi, @Mikael_Ollars, thank you for your post, could you, please, illustrate the issue with tablet UI you are describing in this thread?



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Sure, this is what the GUI offers on a Windows lappy:

The Export-function is not available on my iPad Pro 12.9" which has got excellent file management capabilities. I expect this decision to be intended to ease the burden of support on various tablets…

The Update settings seen irrelevant to hide on a tablet, to me anyways?

On the iPad Pro 12.9" 2020 these are the corresponding views:

Another omission is the option to keep the “menu” open to the right in portrait mode, on screens with resolution enough, and i think the iPad would suffice?