Bad Levels on Qobuz Barber Agnes Dei, Op. 11

There is something very wrong with the levels on the Barber Agnes Dei, Op. 11 (track 1) on this double disk from Qobuz. The volume is just way too soft compared with the other tracks.


At first I thought it was something to do with the roon leveling which I normally have switched on. But changing that didn’t work. As it happens I have a CD version of this so I was able to compare. No problems with the leveling at all. No problems at all either when I re-ripped it with EAC and played locally through roon.

This is a great shame as this is an outstanding version. I am not sure where I should post something like this. But Quobuz really should look at it if at all possible.

BTW. Probably not particularly a Qobuz issue but this is not a good look for Edward Higginbottom:

@Qobuz flagging.