Bad metadata: Franco Evangelisti

Has the composer incorrectly as performer for all tracks. The (multi disc) album has several performances of the same piece with different performers. So it needs full performer credits and date/venue/live details.

@jeremiah thanks for reporting!

I see there is a second (also incorrect) entry for the album I originally reported:

It’s the same album. They need to be merged.

Further, I see now that the Rovi metadata is quite confused about the (classical and improv) composer himself. They have two of him:

The second has a category “Songs” for his compositions, which is wrong.

As well as the album I first reported above, this problem also affects the following albums featuring his compositions:ür-neue-kammermusik-1997-mw0002355518 (needs metadata) (needs metadata)

It’s mess which needs sorting out. In Roon it causes chaos, because Roon exposes the full detail of the metadata in Rovi. So when it’s as chaotic as this, Roon beautifully displays chaos! :wink:

Thanks @jeremiah for forwarding this all to Rovi!