Bad metadata on Angela Hewitt Beethoven Sonatas

Reporting some bad metadata:

The disc of Angela Hewitt playing Beethoven Sonatas “Op 22 - Op 31 No 3 - Op 101” is correctly identified by Roon, but the metadata details are wrong:

  • it has Ludwig Van Beethoven as an artist alongside Angela Hewitt
  • the titles leave out the individual sonata numbers, so they don’t appear alongside other recordings in the lists of works


Actually, now I’m looking at it, there are quite a few albums with matching metadata where Beethoven is listed as an artist instead of the composer.

Is it worth listing them all here?

I think you’ll be here for ever if you list them all. The Roon team can just go “Album Artist: Beethoven” and Roon will list a load of them.

@mike @jeremiah @brian at some point we need to discuss further (there is already a Redmine ticket referring to it).