Bad/Misleading Qobuz metadata

Prompted by Nelson Freire’s sad departure, I was looking at his Roon discography and found that he had (6) recordings with Claude Debussy. Not likely, as they did not overlap in their life spans. All of the recordings listed are junk collections (eg. “Debussy: Music for Walking”) that Qobuz unfortunately has been overwhelming their catalog with. But anyway, it’s absurd to present a collection of tracks composed by Debussy as “with” Nelson Freire when his role there is at the performer on just one of the tracks.

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Your point of view I very understandable. My wishes would be that every connection is reliably shown, even if it is only on a subjectively inferior sampler. Only in this way links can be created automatically. That leads sometimes not automatically into the goal, but into the garbage can of the expert.