'Bad Network' box

when opening Tidal in ‘applications’ tonight, on my iMac, i got a ‘Bad Network’ box with a ‘reload’ link below which when i clicked it nothing happened. how do i get Tidal back…??

Try logging out and in again. If that doesn’t work then try clearing the TIDAL cache.

Andy…I did as you suggested but the ‘Bad Network’ box still comes up when I try to open Tidal.

I am still able to play music through my Lumin app,however. Just can’t get into Tidal on my imac

any further thoughts on how to get rid of the ‘Bad Network’ sign that comes on my iMac screen when i click on the Tidal icon on the bottom of my screen…?

Please clarify whether you’re talking about Roon or Tidal desktop app.

Peter…i am talking about the Tidal desktop app…The Tidal website works fine and I am able to find and add music there easily…It’s only when I try to access and open the Tidal app that I get the ‘Bad Network’ box …

Does Tidal playback via Roon work?

Several things to try for the Tidal desktop app:

  • Reboot your iMac
  • Turn off firewall and any internet security, if any
  • Switch / toggle the network between LAN and WiFi
  • Change DNS to
  • Send a support request to Tidal

@andybob Is there a more appropriate sub-forum for this Tidal desktop app issue, and perhaps the title may be changed to indicate this as well?

Changed it to Audio Products/Music Services as there is no Roon connection.

Peter…yes…Tidal does play through Roon.i changed the DNS to 8888.my firewall is off too. I did contact Tidal but no help to this point.