Bah humbug it's that time again!

(simon arnold) #1

It’s that time of year I have to sacrifice my perfect alignment for my main system to make way for the Christmas tree. I guess I’ll cope and I have my 2nd system finely tuned now. Even so I will miss it for the next few weeks. By by for now old friend.

Anyone else have this predicament?

(Martin Webster) #2

Fortunately, I have my own listening room and don’t have to give this up too often. :smile:

I expect decorations will miraculously appear over the next few days.

(Mr Fix It ) #3

It’s the tunes that will do me in.

(Robert ) #4

I’d find another place for the tree. :sunglasses:

(simon arnold) #5

No chance with my lot. Has to be in the front room.

(Robert ) #6

One must do what one must do…

(Mike O'Neill) #7

I always look forward to the fake snow when it’s 30 + outside , took me while to get used to Dreaming of a White Xmas in the Southern Hemisphere :heart_eyes:

(Mr Fix It ) #8

I don’t miss the cold one bit no matter time of the year…25-33deg C everyday works fine for me.

(Mr Fix It ) #9

This xmas album is actually not too bad…if one has to have seasonal music I don’t mind something that’s a bit less…well you know what I mean.