Balance is shifted on Digital outputs

I got my new Trinnov Altitude32 and start to stream/play just with 2 channels means from Roon.

A big surprise, the left channel is about 7-8 dB louder than the right channel. I checked the Hardware-but as is digital out of the Altitude and digital into the DSP Speaklerinks (Meridian), there is no logic behind that.

I used the Denon Test CD and watch the input and output VU on the Altitude. Both have always the same volume/amount, but the volume over the speakers is 7-8 dB different (left is louder).

Start with a new config for the Trinnov doesn’t help. As there was similar problems here reported, I want to public that here. What I assume from that posts, that the problem was on the analogue sources with a 3,5mm plug, so have nothing do to with Roon. Anyway, are my assuming is correct, maybe there was other issues?

I will also ask Trinnov, maybe they can help.

Before I stream with the Amethyst, everything fine. The Altitude was tested before I got it, so i’ts less chance that there is a failure here.

When I change the gain on the Trinnov, I see that gain changes on the VU meter-they get out of balance about 7-8 dB. Then the sound is balanced for my ears.

Any ideas? Thanks Robert