Balance with Roon Ready and Devialet Expert

I have Roon on a NUC and my main system uses a Devialet Expert via Roon Ready - no DSP or anything fancy. Everything is connected via ethernet.

Recently, the signal path has introduced balance at 17%. It isn’t clear why or what effect this may be having. I’m not even sure whether the 17% is supposed to be favouring the right or left speaker.

I don’t think Roon can control anything more than volume, but it can report tone/balance settings in the signal path. Perhaps someone played with the Devialet remote? Press the lower middle remote button until „Balance“ is shown in the Expert display, then rotate the knob to obtain zero. At Zero, the balance portion of the Roon signal path will vanish.

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Can you post a screenshot of Roon’s signal path, this will show us where in path the balance adjustment is being made.

I suspect it will be listed after Devialet, which tells us that the Devialet itself is applying the adjustment rather than Roon.


Thanks for the offer. Pleasingly, @mikeb 's suggestion has solved the issue.

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Excellent, glad that’s now sorted. Enjoy.

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