Band search weirdness


When I search for Pink Floyd then select them as Artist I get shown 24 albums -

I know for a fact that I have many more than that. So I find the 5.1 version of “Wish You Were Here” using my 'Surround Sound" Bookmark and I find -

Now if I edit this field in the editor -

It now appears in my global Pink Floyd search -

Any idea’s what is happening here ?


Hi @Jaap74,

If you go to the Artist browser and find Pink Floyd is there more than one Pink Floyd shown in your library?

Do you have other examples of this? If so can you navigate to one of the albums missing and (without doing the edit) click on the Pink Floyd artist link. Does that show different albums than the other Pink Floyd screenshot you shared?

Hi @dylan,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I went to the Artist browser and indeed there were two Pink Floyd entries. I then highlighted both and clicked the “Merge Artists” button, nothing immediately happened so I thought it hadn’t worked.

This morning the changes have taken effect and now I see all the albums that I expect when I search under Pink Floyd.


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