Bandcamp recommendations?

I made a similar post a while back. I know we’re here to enjoy the music and not debate politics. So, maybe you want to make a point of not purchasing music from Bandcamp tomorrow, maybe you you want to make a point of purchasing tomorrow - they are donating their share of proceeds from all of their sales on Friday 9/28 to support voting rights here in the U.S. I will be making a few purchases, and I know all of you have great taste in music. Any Bandcamp recommendations in the jazz or progressive-ish rock realm? Let me know what you buy tomorrow! Happy listening, cheers!

I buy a lot of jazz from Bandcamp as soon as it comes out, and even pre-order, so I don’t have anything on my list for tomorrow. Anyway, here are some strong jazz recommendations from the last couple of months:

Closer to the Ground, Fred Frith Trio
Stargazer, Dave Douglas (reissue)
Freebird, Walking Distance featuring Jason Moran
Science Fair, Allison Miller & Carmen Staaf
We Are All, Phronesis
Bloomer, Tom Barford
Blue Dream, Jamie Saft Quartet
Faroe, Mikkel Ploug & Mark Turner
Work, Miles Okazaki
Live at the Village Vanguard vol. 1, Steve Coleman
General Cargo, William Tatge
Tonadas, Julian Argüelles’ Tetra
Ejdeha, Gordon Grdina’s The Marrow
Here and Now, David Binney
Ours, Thumbscrew
Theirs, Thumbscrew
Universal Mind, Luis Perdomo
Now You Hear Me, Joey Baron & Robin Schulkowsky
Bridges, Jamie Baum Septet
Good Question, Matt Penman
Chano & Colina, Chano Domínguez & Javier Colina
Enemy, Enemy

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A few more from further back:

Starebaby, Dan Weiss
Morphogenesis, Steve Coleman’s Natal Eclipse
Trickster, Miles Okazaki
Moving Still, Jonathan Finlayson
Radiate, Liberty Ellman
Mise en Abîme, Steve Lehman
Alleviation, Mikkel Ploug
The New Breed, Jeff Parker
Never Group, Zhenya Strigalev
Sorrows & Triumphs, Edward Simon
The Emancipation Procrastination, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah
Scandal, Soundprints (Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas)
Octopus, Kris Davis & Craig Taborn
September, Claudia Quintet
Instinct, Malija
Setembro, Laginha/Argüelles/Norbakken
Happy Song, Anat Cohen Tentet
Verisimilitude, Tyshawn Sorey
Hudson, DeJohnette/Grenadier/Medeski/Scofield
America’s National Parks, Wadada Leo Smith

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