Bands I dont like

Hi any chance once it hits roon radio, when we skip a song we can have an option of ‘don’t like this band’?

I know we have all this AI, but I just don’t like Genesis. I have tried honest I have but I don’t like them. After any pink floyd or Yes, I get Genesis, pretty much guaranteed to be the next song, Never mind all the probably amazing new prog rock out they, no sir, we will stick just right here in 1973 .

Over the years I have repeatedly told the amazing Roon AI I don’t like the various and hundreds of Genesis songs it insists on throwing me, but I guess its just persistent.


(Oh, emmerson, lake and palmer too)


some artists will have the “heart” icon on the artist page. Some don’t.

Phil Collins does, Genesis doesn’t. Maybe the band doesn’t because a band goes through iterations with different artists? Ahdunno.

You probably know this, but the heart icon, if you click it twice, will turn into a “dislike” icon. That might work for starters.

Good suggestion!

I did not know this let me try!

The heart is present and active when you have content by that artist in your library. As with tracks, you may like or ban an artist.


I suspect you’re overestimating many of us, it’s news to me :joy:

But there’s the rub. Why would I have an artist in my library that I never want to listen to?

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yeah, i was thinking the same thing. hmmm

Genesis were good.

But then Peter Gabriel left.

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Because, and this is going to blow your mind. I am not the only one who uses my roon install!

I know, I know its amazing.

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I am more frustrated at roons lack of capability here. Its not across the board if I play electronica for instance or Americana we fair far better.

But prog rock, roon has no answers, its the same every time, genesis, ELP, etc, almost in the same order. 1.8 has done nothing for this.

Frustrating because in the end I have had to do my own research and I almost immediately found an interesting prog rocky sounding group called Farmhouse Odyssey, where was Roon in all this, I’ll tel you where, digging out ‘Don’t Give Up’, by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.

Yup I got that one after Yes, Relayer.

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Because the artist is in your library?

Yes, this makes sense, as my younger son has all kinds of doom metal that we’ve ripped into the NAS, and I could see blocking it for my listening/view. However, it would NEVER come up in a Roon radio mix for me.

So in the above “Genesis” scenario… My kid won’t be adding Genesis to his library, but let’s say I want to “block” them from showing up in my Roon radio mix if I’ve been listening to a Peter Gabriel album. How do I do that if I can’t see the heart icon unless I add their albums to my library? Just seems odd.

Roon Radio also chooses bands that are not in your library.

It also chooses albums from tidal that are in my library!!!

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If you can like or ban an artist they appear in your library. You may not have any of their releases, but it’s likely they appear on another release.

And a good thing too! But you can limit Roon Radio to Library.