Bands with a lot of albums won't load


I have a Roon server running on a beefy Windows box with local storage and all the metadata has been created. I have two bands with many hundreds of albums, and when I try to load either on any device, even a fancy MacBook Pro, it takes > 30 seconds before the page is responsive.

I understand that this is a lot of data, and that it takes a long time to transfer it all to the client.

The data does not display properly. Image attached.

Another issue is that it should only load the data page-by-page, with a prefetching to get the data when possible after the first page assuming the user will page down. Loading all the data is fine for artists that didn’t last > 30 years and are still making new music.

Any chance the phone/ipad & ios interfaces could get paging within an artist?


Hello @Eric_Gross,

Something really looks amiss in that screenshot and it should not look like that.

Can you confirm that this is being displayed the same across multiple Roon Remotes? Have you tried rebooting your Core + Roon Remote and the behavior is still the same?


Yes, I can confirm it looks like this on my Mac, on Windows, an ipad, and on an iphone.

Hey @Eric_Gross – we have some known issues rendering the artist page when there are hundreds and hundreds of albums. Does that sound like what’s going on here?

If so, our apologies for the trouble. Unfortunately, because of how it was built that screen has some issues trying to load that many items at once, and while it doesn’t come up very often, you are not the first Grateful Dead fan to run into this :frowning: (I think @john was another).

We have plans to overhaul the artist page soon, and this is one of the things we’ll be addressing as we improve and expand the functionality. I don’t have a timeline for that right now, but this is something we’re planning.

For now, you can access all these albums via the Album browser, and you can also filter there for “Grateful Dead” and save a bookmark for quick access.

Sorry I don’t have a better solution here for the moment!

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