Bang and Olufsen - Roon Ready Someday?

Hi Folks! I am a recent Roon convert and have a combination of Roon Ready and other devices. Specifically a couple Beosound Stage soundbars that I have hooked up as Roon endpoints. I think they sound great, but was hoping that B&O is making an effort to get Roon Ready certification, for this or perhaps other products in their lineup. Does anyone have any insights on this topic?

Thanks Xekomi, I will do as you suggest. To be clear, B&O is making no claims of “Roon Ready” whatsoever, so this is just me thinking ahead about future equipment purchases.

I would hope that B&O is trying to partner with Roon, if it is serious about HiFi credibility … they have been dubious on that score in the past, but seem to be making a real effort these days at least on their higher end stuff.

Meanwhile my Beosounds do play (and sound) “nice” with Roon via Chromecast, although a lot of intermediate steps take place so Roon calls the signal “high quality” not “lossless”.

Following up: I emailed B&O and they quickly replied that nothing is in the pipeline at this time regarding Roon Ready. I replied urging them to pursue certification.


It would be great, if Bang&Olufsen would offer Roon Ready devices.
Once a while there are Roon discussions on (e.g.

Hey there, I’m a recent Roon convert as well. To be honest I’ve been hoovering up cheap Raspberry Pi’s and using them as end points via Ropieee. Some devices connect direct via USB (Kef LS50) others have a DAC attached to the Pi then line or optical out depending on the input of the connected device. That way everything is using the RAAT protocol. I’m certainly no expert but food for thought when devices aren’t roon ready.