Bang&Olufsen with Roon

I am thinking about using Roon in a Bang&Olufsen multiroom set-up.

My music collection is on a Synology NAS. Currently I am using a Beosound Moment as “bridge” between my DLNA server and the Bang&Olufsen multiroom set up.

I understand, that I can use Roon to stream to all Beolabs / Beoplay units that are Airplay compatible speakers.

Any further ideas / thoughts / comments how to integrate Roon in a Bang&Olufsen set-up smoothly?

Depending on the inputs you have in your B&O system, you can always use a Raspberry Pi and install Roopie :slight_smile: Easiest and cheapest Roon endpoint.

I’m interested in doing something similar with a Beomaster 5. But I’ve been told that the BM5 SPDIF is output only, and that I should use a usb input. But I’ve not found any way to do this …
Anyone with any experience of roonifying B&O?

Cheap and cheerful solution.
You could use a chromecast audio puck and a 3.5mm to 2*RCA cable into the analog inputs.
The Chromecast is Roon tested and streams up to 24/96.

I would recommend getting touch with Steve at I haven’t yet found a B&O connection question he hasn’t been able to answer and provide the cables for. And looking at the specs for BM5 it isn’t immediately obvious how you can get Roon into it!

Having looked at the BM5 more closely it appears it’s in fact a pc running an embedded version of Windows XP. Now if you could get Roon bridge on it you would be laughing but I suspect that is highly unlikely. It has no audio input at all as far as I can see since the music is stored on its internal hdd. So with all that said you may be better off bypassing the BM5 and going straight to your B&O speakers with Roon. What speakers do you have??

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