Banner For Newly Added Albums

In 1.7 it was clear which discs were Newly Added and never listened to. For my listening habits it was VERY helpful. Is the New Addition diagonal banner gone in 1.8?

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I would also like to see this come back.

You can add a Bookmark that is focused on Never Played sorted by Date Added.

Although not as desirable this actually would be very helpful. Where is the “Never Played” option under Focus? I must be missing it. Thank you.

Go to “Played in the Last” and click on an appropriate time frame. When that tag appears, click it again to turn it to the inverse “Not Played” (appears as a red tag).

Perfect! That Worked. I now have it bookmarked.



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Start at Home, Recent Activity → ADDED

And Never Played is real easy: Tracks → use Title Bar Gears, Add PLAYS, then toggle Sort