Banning from the Forum

Are people ever banned, and is this a permanent action or time limited? If banning exists, is it ever announced to the community?

Users have been suspended, both temporarily and permanently. There are currently 32 permanently suspended users, some of these are duplicate accounts. These actions are not announced to the community.

I had noted that occasionally a high verbal member would disappear

Some people have also chosen to stop posting or have their account anonymised.

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Some are tired of the MQA wars.


Personally, I do not read posts about MQA, cables, switches, etc. I do not find posts about “why I am not subscribing” very helpful Everything works well for us, and we have just passed our second anniversary.

I find Roon and Qobuz to be great subscriptions for us and cost contained. I do enjoy posts about music and concerning equipment I had never considered. I like seeing the equipment that others have. There have been people that seemed easily perturbed and have vanished so I wondered if they had been banned or quit.