Bar code / upc in album info

I must admit this is not a first priority :slight_smile:
But i think it would be useful one of the following:
a) the possibility to copy & paste from roon interface selected pieces of information. more specifically, i would like to access from the UPC code in the credits section to related information over internet. because it’s not always very easy to verify the album identification made by roon
b) alternatively, make the UPC code a link to be sent to a external browser
c) alternatively, below the upc code put the bar code, so that with a bar code scanner (on smatphone) one can reach external infos.

ok, this is because i’m lazy and don’t want to write the number… :):stuck_out_tongue:

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You can add the barcode already (option c). Just sit it as a scan in the album folder and browse to it via the cover photo.

yes, i can put my own bar code. the point is IF the album identifies by roon (with its metadata) corresponds to my own album. actually, in general it does not (very often it’s a different edition).