Barebone NUC10i7FNHN2 i7-10710U without audio codec

This Intel Barbone is compatibel with ROON ROCK KIT?

I have a NUC 10i7FNHN1 without Intel HD Audio support (no 3.5mm audio out) running Roon ROCK and it works perfectly fine. Here is the data sheet of my NUC:

I purchased mine from NewEgg:

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Can anyone explain what the digit at the end of the product code specifies? That is …N1 and …N2. The Intel web site may have the answer, but I feel as though I’m trapped in a maze of twisty little passages…

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Power cord? Select Ordering & Compliance in menu on left.


Yup - I think that must be it. Thanks

Hi, I tried to understand all which was written about the Nuc10i7fnhn - so am I correct that for USB to DAC, this model is absolutely okay and no sound impact vs other Nucs? Sorry for asking, could not 100% understand all the replies.