Basic API to control Roon [Intended for 1.3]

It would be nice to have basic functions exposed via an API so we could integrate Roon in home automation projects.

Just volume control, mute, play/pause, stop, next and previous would be a great start. More is always better.

One example : while working from home, a customer calls. It would be very convenient if one could press a physical button to pause the music. Now I have to wake up a tablet, enter a code and go to the Roon app.

You could take a look at I just mention it to prove that end users develop plugins based on API’s. You will see there some audio systems listed. Eg. Sonos support is integrated in every home automation solution I know of.


Agree. I really, really want a physical pause button.

Command line arguments to play/pause on the box hosting the server or bridge would be a workaround, as they could be triggered by automation.

Absolutely, please give us a basic API, with the controls + play/pauze status of endpoints. The latter will enable us to power up and down DAC’s and amps, which will help the environment . And, for some, will save a lot of tubes :wink:

IMHO, a significant part of the Roon users are tinkerers. We like to own (not in the economical sense) the technology we use. Give us an API, and you’ll see Roon integrated in a dozen home automation solutions. It’ll give Roon publicity on a lot of blogs and fora. And some new adepts: it’s fairly easy to work your way into home automation, NAS servers, Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos, but hacking together a Roon clone with the same metadata quality is quite impossible. I wouldn’t have got a lifetime sub if I could have done it myself, not because I don’t want to spend the money, but because I like to tinker.

Please give us the API, so Roon covers two passions: music and tinkering.

@Georgethesixth : with a Fritzbox and OpenHAB you can automute on incoming calls.


A (simple) open API would be fantastic. I’ve a few ideas which would probably never make it into Roon proper but would be great for people who like to ‘tinker’.



When I’m working at home, I have to use a company provide cellphone and laptop. That restricts my creativity :innocent:, but thanks for the heads up !


Good idea. I chose Domoticz over OpenHab for our Home Automation system, but the principle holds true for any of them - an open API to be able to integrate Roon into HA would be very nice.

Agree. Would love to use Roon in a z-wave HA environment. Too much HA stuff only works with Sonos.

+1 for basic API e.g. REST on the Roon Server, so one could use LIRC on the bridge/endpoint to control Roon too.

Roon API is coming in 1.3.
Discussion thread here.

Thanks, Sir !

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