Basic Roon Remote Question,,,

Having recently discovered Roon, I’m a semi-computer illiterate who’s learning it’s features. But it looks very promising!

I loaded the remote app to my android smartphone, but so far I can’t get past the opening screen to any content. Is there a set-up step I’m missing somewhere? (I have the 14 day trial version).

Also, would this app allow me to stream music at the office on my phone? Would I need to have Roon running on my home computer to do so?

Thanks for your help.

@Frederick_Lauritzen Welcome to this awesome community!

I would start here:

Specially with What is Roon?

Yes, you need a home computer (PC, MAC, NUC or a NAS) to run Roon’s core program and interact with your home music library and/or TIDAL (if you have a paid account with them). Your phone, tablet, etc. will locate your Roon core and present it to you on your viewing device. Good luck! JCR