Basic setup question

Hi, I just started using Roon and have a super basic question. In settings/Storage, under Folders, there is an icon that says “Music Folder” and then “disabled” and then below that the mapping of my media folder is shown

Should this screen be showing the icon that says music folder and disabled and then after that show the mapping of my media folder? Or should it only show the mapping of my media folder and the icon with music folder and disabled means I’ve somehow not set something up right
attached is a screenshot of what i’m referring to

That’s fine as long as it points to your files.

Do you have music in the default Music folder? Does that folder map to a different file path than the Music folder on the LaCie drive?
There may not be anything wrong with it being labeled as ‘disabled’. That is an action state you can set to temporarily not monitor those files (set via the three dots to the right). It doesn’t necessarily mean it has an error.

You seem to have imported a heap of files 700, 000 odd so I would assume all is well

That is a big library

Roon may well be still analyzing that many file

I have a very large library! That was just after i migrated it from iTunes, now Apple Music which is unusable. I was pleasantly surprise how quickly this worked on a mini mac with 32gb of ram – about 6 hours (Compares to 6 days for the new Music to upload embedded artwork and then not work!)

I’m still confused by the icon / music folder shown - the 3 dots only provide the option to enable or disable

the mapping to my library below this give me the option to rescan, disable, remove and edit

Is the icon / music folder shown above not supposed to be there or is it suppose to be there and is just saying the music file is the mapping below. In this case what does disable do since the mapping is working?

Sorry if this is OCD, I just want to make sure i set the thing up right to start

We very warmly welcome OCD here!
I don’t have a Mac in front of me, but I would suppose the reason for fewer options are that you can’t edit the path to the Music folder and the OS constantly scans it.
At least for storage on a NAS, the scanning is much less frequent and force scan is often needed.

Thanks but do you know what the music folder I’m seeing is then or is it one and the same as path shown below it?

I suspect ‘Music Folder’ is pointing to a default folder on the internal OS boot drive. It is on my W10 system. If you have no music stored there, it should be disabled. I don’t believe you can delete it from the list. I think what you are seeing is correct for how you have your system set up.

Edit - knowledge base says…

Roon already knows where your iTunes library is and where your operating system’s default music folder is, but you might also keep your music elsewhere. If you keep all of your music in your iTunes library or default music folder, just check off the respective boxes and click next.

“Music Folder” is default to setting up the Mac the on Roon…mine is disabled also.
It is the folder on your Mac internal drive called “Music”…which can be found in finder.
I have duplicate files in there…because I don’t want roon to see them (because they are already seen in another external storage folder)…I disabled it.
Here are the screenshots that may explain better.