Basic Start-up Questions


Apologies for the very simple questions, but I was unable to make Roon work and thought I would ask for help here before trying again.

My system at this point consists of the following:

  • an Apple desktop (late 2013 model but well spec’d) that contains all of my music files (which are primarily in iTunes), and a Naim Uniti Nova streamer that is Roon ready.

  • my desktop is also connected to a DAC and headphone amp.

Nothing is wired - both the desktop and the Naim are on my wireless network. For various reasons it is not practical for me to establish a wired ethernet connection.

My questions:

  1. Once I install the Roon software on the desktop and the Roon app on a controller (e.g. iPad), what do I do? When I tried it initially, when I would hit “play” on a track I would get a message to the effect that no music was playing, and I was unable to output any music to my DAC/headphone amp or any other player. I had to delete Roon to be able to hear music, so clearly I was doing something wrong.

  2. I am interested in a server other than my desktop. Would the new Roon Nucleus work in my wireless set-up, or does the lack of a wired ethernet connection rule this out? I am clueless about the signal chain and which steps/boxes are in between (a) the music files that currently sit in my Mac and (b) my Naim streamer.

Any advice much appreciated.

Many thanks, and apologies for the rudimentary questions.

Hello @Gus67,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to walk you though the setup details here and answer any questions you may have.

Roon will work best if everything is Ethernet connected but if that is not possible, then WiFi should work fine although there may limitations to the media output depending on your network bandwidth or router configuration.

We have some great documentation available on how to use Roon, listed in our Knowledge Base Articles, the first thing that I would verify for your specific issue would be to make sure that your desired Zone is enabled in Roon -> Settings -> Audio and that you have selected the correct zone prior to initializing playback.

To show you what I mean, I would make sure that this page has your desired zone enabled:

And that you have selected the correct zone from the bottom right-hand corner here:

Once you have those set up, music should be audible in the desired zone. As for why you were not able to use another application at the same time as Roon, this might be due to the fact that Exclusive Mode is enabled for that zone, and when Exclusive mode is enabled, Roon takes control of the device while there is music playing.

For your second question regarding Roon Nucleus or another server, yes, those will require an Ethernet connection to function properly as Nucleus does not have any built-in WiFi. One other option here would be to set up a NUC based system that has WiFi capabilities and either install Windows and the Roon app or ROCK on it. If you choose to go down the ROCK route, please keep in mind that you will need to connect it to your Router via Ethernet for the first time setup.

I hope this explanation gives you an overview and some steps forward but do let me know if you have any other questions.