Baskery - band doesn't exist

The group Baskery doesn’t seem to exist at all. Nor does “Little Wild Life”, their album. is really screwed up on this one. Seaching for Baskery shows no hits, seaching for “Little Wild Life” shows the album by Baskery. When you click on the link it just takes you in a circle back to the search itself.

The Allmusic website is currently buggy and that behaviour sounds suspiciously like the bug. Lots of album and artist links seem to go to the wrong place, or no-where.

Baskery do exist lol, amazing live, we had them at The Little Rabbit Barn. try adding product code 4028466325440 for the New Friends album then re identify.

I couldn’t make little wild life work with numbers of the disc this time. Sorry. It has worked before. Sorry