Bass player credit missing!


I use Roon with Qobuz. I noticed the most jazz album do not have the credit for the bass player. Very odd, it must something related to that specific field and possibly others which are not picked up by Roon.
I paste below one example but there are plenty.
Could you please check?

Esbjorn Svensson Trio - Live in Gotherborg.
Bassist Dan Berglund is only mentioned as “group member”. In many other albums the bassist is simply missing.

The absence of the bass player happens elsewhere, too. The listings in often omit the bass player. When I complained to cduniverse I got some garble-garble about instrument bass being confused with singer bass, but why that should lead to the omission of the bass player was never explained.

I think this should be addressed…I am checking my library and about one in four records is not mentioning the bass player or is listing it under “guest player” or other labels

Here is another example. Bassist Mario Pavone is not mentioned…
Thomas Chapin - Sky Piece

Could Support comment please?

Hi @Bped,

Can you share a screenshot of the main album page for this example?

Hi Dylan, please see below…

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Hello, would it be possible to know which database are you using to add credits (particularly for this albums if you use many)? So we can check whether it is their mistake or the issue is related to the way Roon is managing the field “bass” (I suspect the latter case).
Thanks in advance

I noticed same things and about to post something then found this threads.
Many bass players are missing from credits and something should be done.

Qobuz correctly indicates the bass player for the last album by Thomas Chapin which I reported here. It’s a Roon issue I believe…

Qobuz states “Mario Pavane, bass” - which is somewhat ambiguous: is he a Bass player, or is he a Bass-Baritone? I suspect that Roon is currently sidestepping the issue, even though there is a “Bass” listed in the Credit Roles known to Roon. @joel - any comment you can give?

@Geoff_Coupe A bass credit like that is completely ambiguous. Further, there’s clearly some bad parsing on someone’s part and/or metadata coming from the labels for that one. The peculiar thing is that such a credit should never appear at the album artist level.

Qobuz, AllMusic and Discogs are all listing Pavone as “Bass”. What can’t Roon do the same? Just pass on that piece of info, for a listener it is not ambiguous at all in the vast majority of cases.

If wouldn’t insist if this was anecdotical but this issue in present in a huge number of albums. For a jazz lister this is really bad with so many albums missing info.

Could you please take action and address this in Roon code? If not, could you please explain why? So far I could not get a straight answer… a big thank you

Missing bass player, though he’s credited for Tambourine.
Two bass players in All music

William Parker as bassist is even missing from many of his own albums (here’s the roon data for O’Neal’s Porch):

When he is credited, it is usually as “Bass Instrument”, “:Double Bass” or “Bass Guitar” (Parker does NOT play bass guitar).

I think it is pretty obvious that roon is getting hung up on “Bass”. On Corn Meal Dance and on Petit Oiseau, allmusic lists Parker as playing “…Bass, Bass Instrument…” but roon only picks up Bass Instrument. On Sound Unity, allmusic credits Parker with “…Bass, Composer, Bass (Guitar)…”; roon only picks up Bass (Guitar) and Composer (at least we can’t blame roon for the Bass Guitar error).

And it is not just on his own albums that roon has disappeared Parker as bassist; he’s not there on the Davis S. Ware albums he plays on nor on the Hugh Ragin that I have.

Another fun entry for O’Neal’s Porch is that Carl Seltzer is listed as playing the Recorder - he’s actually the recording engineer, but this one is clearly due to allmusic which credits him as “Engineer, Recorder, Recording”.

Hi everyone,

We pull in credits from a variety of sources, but it does look like something is off here. I’ve opened up a ticket with our team to do some investigating and we’ll be sure to follow up when we have more information.

We appreciate your patience as we look into this, and you have our apologies for the inconvenience.

Just to keep harping on this, I checked what roon has for the 41 Charles Mingus albums I have (excluding ones where he plays piano or where there are no performer credits).

Mingus is listed as:

Double Bass 24 times
Bass Instrument 1 time
Bass Guitar 1 time
Bass Guitar and Double Bass 1 time
Bass 1 time

Not listed as a performer 13 times.

Hi everyone,

The team looked into this and we found a problem with how bass credits were being handled. We’ve made some adjustments to this and expect that this should improve things. It will take some time for the update to take effect and make its way to your databases, but things should be improved after that.

We appreciate your patience as we’ve looked into this, and you have our thanks for the report.

Much appreciated! I will keep an eye on it to see if things improve with time

I checked the albums mentioned below and now the bass credit is present. It seems that this has been solved. A big thank you!


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