Batch adding tracks from playlist [Ticket In]

My first post so first of all wanted to say hi :slight_smile:

I’m going through my trial of roon and loving it so far. I have a smallish issue though. I did a search for possible solution but can’t really find anything and am a bit lost.

I’ve got few large playlists in Tidal which I already saved as local copies. I want to add the tracks from these playlists to the library so I have artists under artists, etc…

When I select batch of tracks in my playlist (select few or select all) and use ‘Add to library’ link from the three dots pop-up next to X selected at the top, roon says X tracks added to library but nothing is actually added. Artist or tracks count on homepage remains the same, I don’t see the artists in my artists tab.

Adding tracks works fine when I use three dots next to the individual track in playlist and add them one by one but it’s rather tiring to go through hundreds of tracks adding them this way.

Anything I’m doing wrong or is there something I’ve missed going through the docs?

I’m running core on my M1 Macbook Air but I’ll most probably move it to ROCK when trial ends and I decide to stay with roon.

Welcome to the Roon community, @Marcin_Maruszczak.

I’ve moved your post to the support category since you’re seeking help.

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Hey @Marcin_Maruszczak,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread, I wanted to check in to see if you were still running into issues with adding bulk tracks from a Tidal playlist to your Roon library?

A few follow up questions, if, after adding the tracks, can you head into your Roon settings>services>Tidal>Edit> Sync Library Now. Do your tracks properly appear in your library?

Following this, if you close roon and re-open it, is your library updated properly?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

Unfortunately tracks won’t appear after re-syncing the Tidal library. Neither after app restart. I even tried reinstalling the app which also didn’t help.

The problem seems to be with all the playlists. For example if I save one of the Roon suggested daily mixes as local playlist, bulk adding tracks from this playlist also doesn’t work.

Adding individual tracks works fine in both cases.

Hey @Marcin_Maruszczak,

Thank you for the follow-up information! From this, I can confirm this is a bug our team has identified, and duplicated, and has a ticket in with the developers who are working on a fix.

I can’t yet speak on a timeline for when a solution will be released, but I will certainly keep you in the loop when new information arrives :pray:

Thank you for your patience in the meantime

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