Bathroom Speaker (Naim, Sonos & Roon RAAT issues)

Hi all, thanks in advance for your help.

I have a Naim Muso 2 and two x Muso Qb (bedroom, office and kitchen). I want a speaker for the bathroom that will synch with those. I wanted to sign up for Roon anyway but given Naim do not do anything that would fit the bill, I would like to use Roon to bring this all together. I think therefore it needs to be:

  1. Water resistant or waterproof
  2. Wifi (bluetooth is a bonus but not crucial)
  3. Decent battery life
  4. Roon end point compatible
  5. Capable of being grouped via Roon with the Naim Muso and Qb’s

I want to move in/out of bedroom and bathroom with music synched that’s why the capable of being grouped with the Muso is key.

I thought the Sonos Move was the answer but am I right that in Roon you can only ‘group’ Sonos speakers with other Sonos products to synch playback? So it would fail on point 5 above.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this now but seem to be drawing a blank. Would welcome any help or suggestions you can give!

Also, fyi I’m currently in a rented place so any options need to be portable/movable i.e. can’t involve drilling and/or fixing permanent speakers in the bathroom etc.

Yes you are correct. I have a Naim Atom and a Sonos Move and they cannot be grouped together.

The Move, however, is really superb for the purpose you state. I use it for the exact same thing. Although they don’t group together, it’s actually super easy and quick to imediately transfer what’s playing on the Atom to the Move. I thought it would annoy me but it really is so slick with Roon and takes only a second. I actually prefer it this way as it’s unlikely i’d want the Move to continue playing when I go back to listening to the Atom.

To be honest I don’t think there’s anything out there that can compete with the Move. It’s great for just moving around to areas where you wouldn’t normally have music or wouldn’t necessarily need music permanently (garden, bathroom etc). I have found the Move to be rock solid with Roon and have never experienced any dropouts etc.

Not the answer you wanted, but I thought i’d share my experience with the Move x Atom x Roon.

You can create a group using both Naims units using airplay mixed with a Sonos as they also support Airplay. Then use RAAT for serious listening.

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Ooh now I never considered that. That could be my optimum solution - an airplay group for when doing “whole house” listening and then transfer the queue to the Atom using RAAT when sitting down with my glass of vino. Genius. I seem to be indebted to you once again @CrystalGipsy :blush:

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Just tested it - works brilliantly. @Duncan_M-S it looks like the Move is your solution after all!

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Are your QBs also 2nd generation models? If they’re not, you must be using Roon via AirPlay as 1st gen. models don’t have native Roon support.
Either way, as long as your new device supports AirPlay it can be grouped with any Musos. Or, if all your Musos are 2nd gen. you should forget AirPlay and buy something for your bathroom that’s a fully fledged Roon endpoint.

Thanks for this, it’s really helpful. Likewise @Red_R, that’s much appreciated. Looks like the Sonos Move is the ‘least worst’ option i.e. there is nothing that absolutely ticks all the boxes but this is as close as it comes!

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Hi @ChrisSU, they are all 2nd Gen. As to your final point “you should forget AirPlay and buy something for your bathroom that’s a fully fledged Roon endpoint.”, I’d hope the OP is tolerably clear that is what I want to achieve (but have drawn a blank); do you have any suggestions for what would work/what product is out there that achieves this?

If it assists anyone else to avoid having to do the online trawling trying to find what is out there:

  • Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i: is as close as it comes but have to buy separate battery pack (which only lasts 6 hours) and doesn’t look like it is water resistant at all?
  • Bose Portable Smart Speaker: nice looking speaker but no Roon integration. Although, given solution suggested above using Apple Air Play, might work in same way as Sonos Move?
  • Dali Katch: no wifi and not water resistant?
  • Denon 150: not waterproof or battery powered
  • Denon Envaya Portable: nice garden/beach waterproof speaker but no wifi
  • Devialet: no options from them
  • JBL Link Portable: waterproof, wifi, bluetooth and Air Play. So might work in same way as suggested solution from @CrystalGipsy?
  • KEF: nothing water resistant and problems with Roon grouping
  • Linn: no options
  • Naim: nothing water resistant/no options
  • Sonos Move: the solution (see above)
  • Ultimate Ears Megablast: wifi and bluetooth but no Air Play so wouldn’t work with Roon?

If I’ve missed out any options/contenders, do post below so this thread can be a reference point.

These two articles were quite useful

I have a link20, not sure it does airplay as it doesnt show up in Roon, its Chromecast whcih is how I use it. Its a very good speaker if you can get it at the right price. I did, it cost me £70.

Edit. Looks like the newer Link Portable does Airplay.

You missed the Apple HomePod which is not waterproof and only interfaces via airplay.

Is a reasonably good sounding portable speaker. But does not solve your problem.

There are a couple models from Klipsch which also do not solve your problem.


Hi, I only mentioned Airplay because your OP didn’t specify that your QBs were 2nd gen. If they were 1st gen. Airplay would have been your only option.
Having said that, I can’t think of any particularly suitable options for your bathroom use that do support Roon natively, so I guess Airplay or Chromecast (depending largely on whether you use Apple or Android devices) would open up a much wider range of alternatives. As already dicussed, set up any multiroom groups that include the bathroom using Airplay/CCA and let RAAT do the rest.

Having read through all the options, it still sounds like the Sonos Move is your best bet. Works flawlessly with Roon straight out of the box and i’ll be honest it sounds pretty great too.

Thanks @Sheldon_Stokes - those Klipsch speakes are lovely looking things!

I have taken the plunge and bought two Sonos Move (one for bathroom, the other for moving between garden and garage). Have got Roon installed now and raring to go!

[EDIT: I asked how to do the following but have figured it out by going into the iPad app > settings > audio > down to ‘Other Network Devices’> Enabling the Naims and Sonos’ as AirPlay devices and labelling them> then created an AirPlay group [Sorry if this is me being dim but I can’t figure out how to group the Naims and Sonos using Air Play in Roon (I can do it on my iphone in the usual way with Air Play but that seems to cause not infrequent drop outs between speakers and the music). When you said in your first reply @CrystalGipsy and @Red_R your reply, about grouping via Air Play, I assumed you meant within Roon? If so, would you mind explaining how I do that? I’ve tried searching in the forum and online but can’t find the answer. Many thanks]

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I don’t know much about them. The older ones (model 3 actually) had WIFI and airplay. It appears that the newer ones abandoned that and are bluetooth only. Caveat emptor.


Click on the zones at the bottom right of Roon, a list of all your zones will pop up. At the top right of that list is a “group zones” button. That brings up yet another window that allows you to select the zones to group. You’d think that would be done in settings, but they exposed it more so you can fiddle with your zones easier I’d guess.

Non-intuitively to ungroup the zones you highlight the group and click “group zones” again, and then you can uncheck the zones you want to ungroup. The unchecking process is also un-intuitive where instead of just removing the check from the checkbox, they replace the check with an “X”, so now you wonder what that means, and why there are three states to a checkbox.

Looks like you figured it out - that’s exactly it. I leave the Move (airplay) and Naim (airplay) permanently grouped and that way I can seemlessly switch (or transfer whats currently playing) between that group and the Naim (or whatever other end point I want). Works really well. I hope you’re having fun!

Ps you bought 2 Moves! Talk about jumping in with both feet - love it! :clap:

Yes @Red_R - I went to look at the options and this was the best so bought two! With permanently working from home and with the weather good, I’ve been in the garden to have lunch, dinner quite a bit. Wanted the second one to have in the room near my back door so when in there can listen but more importantly, can grab it when I head to the garden. Happy with the set up so far between the Naims and the Sonos.

I’ve done same as you (once I figured out how to do it…), have made a permanent group for the AirPlays for just when I’m using that group and the rest I’ll group/regroup as and when. Would be a good feature if you could ‘save’ configurations of groups with the same devices (as opposed to at the moment where you’re limited to having the device in one group only, save for the RAAT vs AirPlay workaround) e.g. have devices saved to different groups/setups rather than having to group and ungroup all the time.

Yes great idea. Maybe make it a feature request?

Glad you’re enjoying the Move - it really is a great bit of kit for just grabbing and moving to where you need music. Don’t forget to switch on the microphone when you move it (white light on top) so that it can adjust it’s sound (trueplay) to it’s new location. I find it really effective after a few minutes especially if i’ve moved it into quite a ‘boomy’ area eg shower room.

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