Battery powered endpoint speaker

Roonserver on Mac OS controlled with iPad. Any options for a zone that’s just a Bluetooth or AirPlay battery powered speaker?

Have a look at the Libratone Zipp. It supports Bothe Bluetooth and AirPlay. Battery will last up to 6-8 hours.

Bang and Olufsen make some Bluetooth speakers with batteries.

So anything will work? Tried a Jambox just to see, but Roon does not seem to find it paired with either the Mac containing Roonserver or the iPad. So looking for something that will be picked-up by the Roon software?

Don’t know the Jambox, is the software proprietary.

Anything with AirPlay will be seen by Roon, hence the recommendations.

Yes AirPlay devices should work fine with Roon. I have used several. I don’t think Roon support Bluetooth though.

If the OS your Core is running on supports it, it will work.

I brought a Windows laptop and a little bluetooth speaker on vacation last year, and it was nice on the hotel room balcony.

Thanks Mike, good to know.

Roon on Android or PC will stream just fine to a bluetooth connection.

Great. Looks like Bluetooth plays on “System Output” when connected to a Mac OS core. I thought it might actually show up independently? Regardless, simple enough. Will now look for something a bit more appropriate for my needs. AirPlay has much greater flexibility, but have read here that some users have had dropped connections with AirPlay?

Purchased a Harman Kardon Onyx. Pricy, but has good size and volume for outside use. A number of reviewers expressed concern about AirPlay, but I’ve got flawless streaming through Roon server after tending to some El Capitan AirPlay bugs.