Battery powered Roon Endpoint

This topic was active three years ago so given the age of the prior postings, I thought I would start anew.

I would like to acquire a Roon endpoint that I could take out by the barbecue and on the patio. I have good wifi all around the house so that’s not a problem.

Some of the old Squeezebox models had batteries but those units are old.

Any ideas for what’s available today? I am very wary of Airplay. I would much prefer an endpoint that can pick up the wifi signal.

I’ll start the ball rolling.

An iPad and one of the iFi or Chord battery powered DACs?

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And when you say endpoint, does that mean you already have a DAC so you’re just looking for a networked digital source?

Or are you looking for a battery powered networked DAC?

Or battery powered network speaker?

All of those are endpoints.

As @xxx mentioned, an iOS device + Chord Mojo / iFi micro (or nano) iDSD / will work.

Or the Chord Mojo + Chord Poly is Roon Ready - no cables involved.

You can even have the newest Raspberry Pi 3B+ (supports .11ac WiFi) plus HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro or Allo Boss HAT plus big 5Vdc USB powerbank (like below) to power it.

Or just an iOS device (recent) or android and some battery powered Bluetooth speakers or worst case an old boom box with aux input and use headphone out to drive the input 3.5mm or rca

Assuming we are not talking about Hifi here.

Airplay is using WiFi


Thanks for the clarifying questions. What I am looking for is a network self-powered speaker that can be powered by batteries. A boombox for Roon. Like a boombox, it should be one piece and have a carrying handle. And while I understand the limitations of the form factor I am specifying, I would still like it to sound pretty good. I pay extra for Roon and Tidal, after all.

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Here’s one Roon Ready option:

with it’s matching battery pack (uses 8 rechargeable AA batteries):

I use an iPad mini connected Bluetooth to a Beoplay A1 speaker, runs like a dream

I would imagine any smart device would , my Samsung J1 picks up Roon and Bluetooth to headphones

Is that what you are looking for

Bluesound Flex+ battery pack. No handle though.

Wow. €349 + €80 = €429 for doing what a Squeezebox Radio did (or still does if yours still works.) The SB Radio even has a display, and a handle.

And atleast one person on Amazon is pretty unhappy with it:

1,0 of 5 Stars A $300 speaker should sound a lot better than this.

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A cheap corporate gift Brookstone BT speaker inspired me to find something better. This one can be used with Roon, so I gave it a try. After unpacking and letting it upgrade, in 15 minutes it was back in the box. It sounded like a bad radio station - tinny and distorted. I played via BT and via Roon, well mastered tracks I’ve been listening to a lot lately, just to make sure. The free speaker I have can’t deliver any bass, but at least it doesn’t sound distorted. Either this product is a bad design, or this unit was defective.

Yes. Expensive. That´s why I’m looking for a used Flex. Not willing to pay for a new one.

See also Should be recognizable by Roon via Airplay? Can someone confirm?
Or + rpi or cc Audio glued on the back and powered by the USB output.

A&K DAP will be Roon Ready.

Chromecast audio with B&O Beolit 17 does the thing for me.
There are certainly cheaper speakers with aux in and USB to provide power to the Chromecast.

I use this to take with me to the side porch to listen to Roon. Appears as a chromecast in Roon. Works fantastic. Is loud enough to be outside. It is discontinued, but you might find a few at your local best buy in the closeout bins, or, they are also on ebay. As someone who also owns and uses a functional Sonicwall Boom, it is wicked better in sound and power.

I bought and returned the C10, so their bigger connected speaker (nothing to do with SQ, which is respectable, but absolutely loathed the software portion of it, which calls home non-stop no matter how you set it up).

It was recognised in Roon via AirPlay, and powered a Pi + HAT off the USB port, so it looks like the amperage there is what it says on the tin. I tried it with the Raspberry model B, so the one that doesn’t have a bunch of stuff that’d make it use more juice.

I built my own one, using a portable Pure Jongo which runs off battery and has a USB port on it. This USB port powers a ChromeCast Audio puck thats plugged in to the analogue in of the Jongo. I think Harmon Kardon have some ChromeCast portable units that would be up to the job though. Shame the Sono One is not battery driven.

Urbanears has released a battery powered speaker with an USB for powering e.g a Pi. Has also a handle.


What about a SONOS Move? $395 but rechargeable, portable and will work with Roon etc.