BBC Dick Francis - Proof Episode 5 Crashes Roon


I’d really appreciate it if someone could download this from the BBC website and try playing it using Roon. BBC Radio 4 Extra - Dick Francis, Proof, 5. The Diary

It’s Episode 5 of the Dick Francis Book Proof. Every time I play Episode 5 Roon crashes. I’ve tried redownloading the file and converting the file to FLAC and it still crashes Roon.

If someone else can play it without problem it narrows down my search parameters.


Does the file play in other (eg foobar, VLC) software?

VLC is helpful because it allows you to see the codec being used; you might compare episode five to another that does play using Roon.

(Not in front of a computer at the moment - I’ll try it later if I get a chance… )


OK. I’m stumped. I can’t download on a pc; and can’t locate the downloaded file on android.

How are you playing using Roon?


Thanks very much for the input. I tried VLC (it’s my go-to checker app too) It played but dropped out in places.

But in the end, I tracked the problem to a network problem. I still don’t understand the exact cause but a tidy up of ethernet cables and a replacement switch behind the TV/Audio system in the front room followed by a complete reboot of all the network has fixed the problem.

I will be continuing to check to try to find the problem and if I do I’ll post it here in case it’s any use to anyone else.

Finally, sorry I forgot that downloading from the BBC site isn’t easy. I use Get iplayer automator but it is a mac app.



I suspect the general reboot might be the ‘fix’, but it will be interesting to see what you find!

I knew downloading the file was likely to be non-trivial; seems to be dependent on the status of the programme. Since replicating the problem also depended on replicating your download workflow, I stopped at that point and asked! I wasn’t aware of getiplayer.

Enjoy episode five!

Good book.
My mum used to get them from the library and as i would read anything in the house.

Well that was educational! Turns out there’s a Windows installer for get_iplayer, and get_iplayer worked a treat - once I got my head around using a command line interface again!

I’ve got episodes four and five through Roon (files as downloaded - no transcoding); both seem to play fine, although I’ve only listened to short sections using the scrub bar. I guess that’s what you might expect…

I’ve (re)learned a few things, and get_iplayer will likely prove useful…

Thanks @Steve_Harris1 :slightly_smiling_face: