BBC internet radio stations no longer play

Indeed, I see that only the AAC 96kbps stream for BBC Radio 3 is now working; the AAC320kbps and MP3 128kbps streams return errors.

I’m the the Netherlands.

Hi Geoff, I am also experiencing this in the Netherlands

The mp3 128 stream was indeed broken. The https link was being refused. I’ve changed it to an http link which works (for me). I’ll check the other stations later.

The 320 stream will never work for non-uk people. As I mentioned above it’s geo-restricted but because of a problem with Roon applying the restriction incorrectly I’ve taken the flag off (in Roon) temporarily. The BBC will still apply the restriction.

Thanks Brian, the mp3 128 streams now work again for Radio 3, 4 and 4e. Thank you!

Ok, all other mp3 128 streams were also being refused. Interestingly, I could occasionally (but not always connect via the Roon servers in the US). I wonder if there is a certificate issue?

In the meantime, I have changed the main BBC stations to use http rather than https.

Let me know if that helps.

Yes, that helps - I can now use the MP3 128kbps stream. Thanks.

Thanks Brian, no I cannot play that.

Ok thanks for trying. It was worth a whirl. Gives support one more data point.

I’ll take that stream off now.

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I now find I cannot group zones (Meridian 210, Bluesound pulse flex) with internet radio playing. The stream stops and won’t re start unless I un group the zone, play a different station and then go back to the original station.
The aac stations still don’t play.

snap, my bbc 3 stream is failing too on my nuc. A sad thing, bbc 3 is my favorite classical music station. Located in The Netherlands too. Geoff, how did you manage to start the Aac stream?

I didn’t - that has stopped working - I’ve fallen back to the MP3 stream…

How did you get the mp3 stream?

It’s on the Roon page for BBC Radio 3 - there are three streams listed - I just made the MP3 stream the default.

Thanks alot. The 128 kbps stream is working . Really hope that the AAC stream will be fixed soon

I’m confused. Geoff - can you play BBC aac streams? Any aac stream? How about you @aljooge?

Sorry, @BrianW - I’d switched to the MP3 stream when the AAC 96kbps stream stopped working. I now see it’s back in the air again. The AAC 320kbps stream doesn’t work for me - but I think that’s the geofenced stream, so that’s to be expected?

So does the 96k aac work?

Yes. See above.

Adding to this I find I cannot play AAC files locally stored or from Tidal. This may be why I cannot play AAC radio streams.

I have the same experience

Matrix audio element X, some Volumio clients & one Ropiee one

… because the track failed to load
For any aac stream

Best regards Eduard